Snow Blindness is Real

Yes, there truly is such as thing as snow blindness.

In fact, in the world of ophthalmology, it is known as Photokeratitis. It also may be referred to by several other terms including arc eye, welder’s flash, bake eyes, corneal flash, niphablepsia, or (if you don’t like that one, how about) keratoconjunctivitis photoelectrica. Say that next time you’re hanging out with your friends and really impress them.

Now, while we’re on the subject of snow blindness, are you one of those folks who can’t wear plain old store-bought sunglasses because you need prescription eyewear? Then this would be the perfect time for you to visit our Optical Department and check out the special lenses we offer that can protect your eyes from good ol’ Photokeratitis.

DriveWear Lens – click to learn more

Transition® Lenses automatically darken in sunlight or high bright light conditions allowing you the convenience of having one pair of glasses for indoors and out no matter the weather.

DriveWear® Lenses are the first changeable polarized outdoor lens. They darken outside as well as behind a windshield. This lens reacts to all different outdoor weather and light conditions.

Xperio® Polarized Lenses eliminate all indirect reflection such as from water or snow, allowing greater depth perception and visual acuity. That’s why sports enthusiasts like skiers and boaters absolutely love them.

We carry those super cool RayBan® and Panama Jack® sunglasses, too!

Come in to our Optical Department at Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute and get the best for your eyes. You can also call for more info (502)893-0187.


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