What is Right to Sight?

Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute is the first ophthalmology practice in the region to develop a complete program that specifically focuses on the vision needs of senior citizens. We understand that seniors may have special needs concerning eye care. The Right to Sight program addresses all aspects of quality eye care including transportation, educational programs, and insurance processing. Right To Sight services are available in our facility, in local area nursing homes and senior care facilities.
At Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute we offer complete eye examinations, treatment of all diseases of the eyes, and outpatient eye surgery, including cataract surgery with lens implantations.

Facility Visits

We extend our vision care services to senior care facilities and nursing homes, providing Eye Care Clinics that include vision evaluations, glaucoma screenings, yearly diabetic eye exams, dry eye evaluation, cataract screening, and even minor eye glass repairs. We also provide written medication prescriptions as needed and fill out Medicare and/or private insurance forms. We are always happy to schedule service programs at the facility to talk about eye care related topics.

As a Right To Sight member, you are entitled to:

• Free transportation
• Medicare assignment
• Free processing on all insurances
• Emergency treatment

To become a Right To Sight Member, simply call us at (502) 897-1604 or in Kentucky use our toll free number 1-800-777- 4393.


Make an appointment to evaluate any of these conditions by calling (502) 897-1604 or (800) 777-4393.
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