Welcome to our Family

Family attitude, family values.

Some families do it a lot better than others do. They welcome new members in a way that makes them glad to be included. Then they continue to make the outsiders feel even more like insiders as time passes. Very nice.

We believe our family of doctors and staff does exactly that, too. And that they do it really well. That’s why we think you will enjoy our family of care at Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute.

Even though the members of the Koby Karp family of eye care professionals aren’t related by birth, we have adopted a family culture that is uniquely special. You see, many of our staff and doctors have been with our practice for twenty and even thirty years or more. While some of our “youngsters” have only been around for ten years or less.

But what does that mean to you? Our long-time as well as prospective new patients?

For one thing, it means a smooth transition of care. Over the years we have developed a mutual sense of patient expectation. So, it makes no difference who serves you in any area our practice, the service mindset is the same – you’re treated with kindness, consideration, and respect conveyed with a gentle touch. After all, that’s what we would expect as patients of our own practice!

At Koby Karp we also stay abreast of the latest technology, treatment and services so we can remain at the forefront of eye care to deliver the most advanced solutions for your best outcome. So, we’re a family of eye care for you

Yes, many of us have been together for such long time that some of us can even finish one others’ sentences. And that’s a good thing for you. Our ease of communication means you receive exceptional care in a seamless transference of our services.

We want to be your eye care family.

Call us to set an appointment and meet our friendly family. Call (502) 897-1604 . We think you’ll feel very welcome in the Koby Karp eye care family.


Make an appointment to evaluate any of these conditions by calling (502) 897-1604 or (800) 777-4393.
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