We make Kids Eye Exams easy on kids. On Parents, too.


James Muse, OD

Sometimes young children may not sit still, pay attention or interact with the eye doctor adequately for an accurate manual refraction. Not a problem. We can

use an autorefractor. It  takes only a few seconds, and the results obtained greatly reduce the time required.

The doctor may also use a retinoscope. When the lights are dimmed, the child fixates on a large target  and the doctor will shine a light at one eye and flip lenses in a machine in front of the eyes. Based light reflection the doctor is able to “ballpark” the prescription, then a refraction determines the exact prescription.  

It’s easy to set up a Kid’s comprehensive eye exam. Simply call (502) 897-1604.

(And we’ll fill out all paperwork that your school requires, too)



Make an appointment to evaluate any of these conditions by calling (502) 897-1604 or (800) 777-4393.
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