Good candidate for LASIK?

Are you tired of wearing contact lenses? Have you been thinking about LASIK and wondering if you are a suitable candidate for LASIK surgery? Perhaps you want to get rid of your contact lenses and/or glasses. You’re not sure you want to talk with an eye doctor just yet, but you have some questions about LASIK. Well, here’s a simple test you can take in only a couple of minutes. And you don’t have to give any personal contact info. It’s simple and it’s free. Simply click the link below to find out more.

After you have taken the test you’re welcome to call us to set up a free, no-obligation LASIK consultation appointment. (502) 897-1604 or 1-800-777- 4393.


Make an appointment to evaluate any of these conditions by calling (502) 897-1604 or (800) 777-4393.
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