Cataract Surgery At It’s Best!

….It’s one of the safest medical procedures, with 98-99% success rate. 

It’s a 10-15 minute procedure that gives you back your bright, clear, colorful vision. Call it your ‘joie’ de vivre’.

Cataract surgery brings the vision and lifestyle back whether it’s golf, crafts, hunting,  sports or sewing. 

Now, with the laser assisted cataract surgery you are up seeing clearly enough to drive the next day.  The CATALYS® Laser System’s advanced 3D imaging technology builds a 3D map of each eye and tailors the treatment to that map. This enables Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute surgeons to create a customized treatment plan that matches the uniqueness of each eye.The multi focal lenses and astigmatisms correction combined with the surgery makes you glasses free for almost every activity of daily living. 

Live life. Drive confidently again at night and in the rain.  See vibrant colors, exercise, swim, and read the menu at a restaurant, free of spectacles, readers or contact lenses.

These are just some of the reason for considering this procedure, if you’re curious about a cataract or you’ve been told you have one, come see us, we will be happy to answer any questions.  

Nandini Menon, M.D.


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