How $495 LASIK becomes bait and switch

Often, one of the first questions we get asked about LASIK surgery is, “How much does it cost?”

That may be why we keep seeing ads offering $495 or even $695 LASIK surgery. It’s hard to believe they still run them, but they do. And you may have thought about investigating further to see if these ads are legitimate.  Perhaps we can save you the trouble. Once you know what it’s truly all about, you will be better able to make an intelligent decision regarding whom you can trust to do your LASIK procedure.

First of all, you can be sure that the “$495” and “$695” guys will always charge you a great deal more than the advertised price. It will simply depend on how strong your prescription is. You see,  you would have to have near perfect vision to get the advertised low price because the prices are based on a graduated scale tied to the strength of the patient’s prescription.  As I said, if you had near perfect vision, there would be no reason to have LASIK in the first place! Some folks might call that deceptive but that’s how it works with these offers.

I repeat, the worse your vision is, the more they are going to charge you.  In fact, after evaluating your prescription it is very likely that they will be asking you to pay as much as two thousand bucks or more per eye! But that’s not all. They usually want additional money for meds, follow up visits, etc. That means that $495 or $695 could very easily turn into $4500 to $5000. Sad but true. The quality of the LASIK procedure may be fine but the real true prices are too high.

At Koby Karp we don’t do any of that regardless of how strong your prescription may be. And we don’t charge extra for follow up visits and meds like they do. What’s more, at Koby Karp we do use the latest laser vision correction equipment on every procedure. That means we don’t have one price for old fashioned blade surgery and a different charge for upgrading to the latest laser technology like many of the “$495” and “$695” guys do.

Furthermore, Koby Karp LASIK pricing is well below the national average. But to make our LASIK surgery even more affordable, we are offering our 20% off coupon that is available on our website. By the way, our evaluation consultation appointment is entirely free and with NO obligation. On top of all this, we won’t try to sell you an expensive “insurance” or “guarantee” program.

So, beware of the “$495” and “$695” come-on ads. Remember what grandma told you, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Call Koby Karp for a truly free, NO OBLIGATION consultation appointment (502) 897-1604. We think you’ll be glad you did.


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