Every eye has a unique size and shape. The CATALYS® Laser System’s advanced 3D imaging technology builds a3D map of each eye and tailors the treatment to that map. This enables Koby Karp Doctors Eye Institute surgeons to create a customized treatment plan that matches the uniqueness of each eye.
This treatment plan is then programmed into the computer-guided CATALYS® laser, which will be used to perform the initial steps of your cataract surgery.
Next, the surgeon uses the CATALYS® to create a circular opening for accessing and removing the cataract. Clinical studies have shown that this opening is approximately 10 times more accurate when performed with CATALYS® than what is achievable by hand. CATALYS® then softens and breaks up the hard cataract into tiny pieces, allowing for gentler, easier cataract removal.

Astigmatism Correction:

Dr. David W. Karp, MD
Dr. David W. Karp, MD

If you suffer from astigmatism, the Catalys® laser system can additionally perform a tailored treatment during your cataract procedure to reduce or even eliminate your astigmatism. This is done by creating ultra-precise laser incisions in the cornea, called LRI incisions, that cause the cornea to relax and become less steep, thereby eliminating the natural cause of astigmatism – steep corneas. The result will be a reduced dependence on glasses after your cataract surgery.

Depending on the patient’s pre-operative vision and desired visual result, the surgeon may recommend a tailored treatment plan that could include creating ultra-precise laser incisions in the cornea and a specific clear lens type, such as a multi-focal lens. This tailored treatment may reduce a patient’s need for glasses or contacts after surgery.
What are the benefits of CATALYS®?

  •  A highly customized procedure using advanced 3D imaging
  •  A treatment with little or no discomfort
  •  Laser-precise treatment
  •  A gentler and easier approach to cataract removal
  •  Generally, a more rapid visual recovery due to reduced inflammation
  •  The opportunity to receive tailored treatment with advanced technology multi-focal lenses, which may reduce the need for glasses after surgery.

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